Water Resource Management Division

Division Overview

The Water Resource Management Division's mission is to serve the citizens of the City of Plant City and protect their precious natural resources; to meet and exceed requirements for the development and implementation of mandated regulatory programs related to water, waste water and storm water; to address sensitive environmental issues and act as the City’s liaison between state and federal regulatory agencies, commercial and industrial facilities, construction site contractors, and residential property owners regarding these matters, and to develop and implement comprehensive safety training and emergency response planning programs for the City’s Utilities Department.

This is accomplished through 5 main programs:
  • Cross Connection Control Program: Focuses on the protection of the public drinking water supply. This is accomplished through site inspections and the testing and repair of approximately 2,000 back flow prevention assemblies, which guard the system from potentially harmful cross connections and contamination.
  • Industrial Pretreatment Program: Focuses on the protection of the City's sanitary sewer collection system and water reclamation facility. This is accomplished through site inspections, the monitoring of Significant Industrial Users (SIUs) and hundreds of smaller industrial and commercial sites, and through a comprehensive grease management program.
  • NPDES Storm water Permit Compliance Program: Ensures that municipal, residential, commercial, industrial, and construction sites comply with regulations to reduce the potential for storm water pollution, and encourages the protection of surface water resources. This is accomplished through site inspections, monitoring of high risk facilities, and the development and implementation of programs to address related concerns.
  • Water Conservation Program: Ensures our potable and reclaimed water resources are utilized in a conscientious and efficient manner and helps the City meet and exceed the water conservation requirements set forth by the Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD) by working with municipal, residential, commercial, and industrial customers.
  • Environmental Education Program: Provides multi-faceted, environmental education opportunities to all members of the community, including municipal employees, residential customers, construction site contractors, and commercial/industrial site representatives. This program also implements and manages comprehensive safety training, emergency response planning, and FEMA certifications for the Utilities Department.

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