Training / Professional Development

The Training Division is responsible for training all field personnel. This is all-inclusive from orientation through probationary status to ongoing career training and development. The Training Division consist of:

New Firefighter Training & Development
The purpose of this program is to establish through written and practical processes, the necessary skill level required of a new firefighter. Probationary firefighters' skills are evaluated on a daily basis and assessments are completed to verify the firefighter's proficiency. Successful skill levels are required to maintain employment with the Plant City Fire Rescue.

In-Service Training & Officer Development
Continuing education and training ensures that the members of PCFR perform their duties efficiently, effectively, and safely. Training is one of the core values of PCFR with emphasis on providing:
    • Excellent and safe training
    • Assure members' families that they will return home safely at the completion of their tour of duty
    • Excellent customer service to citizens and visitors to Plant City
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