The 1927 Charter provided that the city commission would appoint a Mayor from one of its members. In May, 1931, the Plant City Charter was amended by a special act of the legislature. This amendment provided for a special election by the electorate for the Mayor. In 1995, a referendum was held and the charter was again amended to provide that the Mayor's position was appointed by the city commissioners.
Prior to the 1927 charter, according to Plant City - Its Origins and History, written by Quintilla Geer Bruton and David E. Bailey, Jr., the following persons served as Mayor:

Town of Plant City
Year(s) Served
Jonah Yates 1885 (Served less than a year)
R. B. McLendon 1885
J. R. Edmondson 1886-1888
W. F. Burts 1889
R. B. McLendon 1890
T. B. Smith 1891-1892
J. B. Bramlett 1893 (Served less than a year)
Dr. Olin S. Wright 1893-1896
M. E. Moody 1897-1898
Dr. Olin S. Wright 1899-1901
G. B. Wells 1902-1911

City of Plant City
Year(s) Served
W. B. Herring 1912-1913
J. S. Whitehurst 1914-1915
C. B. Root 1916-1919
W. E. Lee 1920-1925
Walter Wells 1926

Since the 1927 Charter was enacted, the following citizens served as Mayor:
Appointed Mayors (Original charter) Year(s) Served
Mays, S.E. 1927
Schneider, A. 1928
Wiggins, E.W. 1929
Carey, G.A. 1930
Bates, G.H. 1931

Elected Mayors (1931 Amendment)
Year(s) Served
Carey, G.A. 1932
Bates, G.H. 1933
Boring, A.R. 1934
Bates, G.H. 1935-1937
Mays, J.A. 1938-1939
Walden, Don 1940-1944
Mays, J.A. 1945
Morgan, L.E., Jr. 1946-1948
Moody, Henry S. 1949-1950
Slaght, W.L. 1951-1952
Morgan, L.E., Jr. 1953
Andrews, Otis M. 1954-1956
White, Jack H. 1957-1958
Andrews, Otis M. 1959-1960
Glaros, John G. 1961
Tindle, Paul F. 1962
Mays, J.A. 1963-1964
Rickert, William M. 1965-1966
Elston, Richard D. 1967-1968
Hooker, G.R. 1969-1970
Edwards, C.J. 1971
Moody, Henry S. 1972
Hooker, G.R. 1973
Andrews, Otis M. 1974
Ballard, Terry O. 1975-1977
Merrill, J.D. 1978-1979
Meriwether, William C. 1980-1982
Merrill, J. D. 1982-1985
Martin, Sadye Gibbs 1985-1989
Henderson, William R. "Bob" 1989-1991
Martin, Sadye Gibbs 1991-1992
Smith, Steven O. 1992-1993
Collins, George K. 1993-1994
Sparkman, Michael S. 1994-1995

Appointed Mayors (After 1995 Charter Amendment)
Year(s) Served
Sparkman, Michael S. 1995-1996
Larson, Randy L. 1996-1999
Dicks, John L. 1999-2000
Sparkman, Michael S. 2000- 2003
Dodson,William D. 2003- 2004
Sparkman, Michael S. 2004- 2005
Dicks, John L. 2005-2007
Lott, Rick A. 2007-2010
Raulerson, Daniel D. 2010-2012
Sparkman, Michael S. 2012-2013
Mathis, Mary Thomas 2013-2014
Lott, Rick A. 2014-Present