Building Division

The duty of the Building Division is to review construction plans and documents for code compliance, issue permits for said projects (building, plumbing, electrical, mechanical, gas, etc.) and make inspections on permitted projects to ensure code compliance.

The Building Division also permits fences, roofs, re-roofs, siding, window replacement, irrigation systems, alarm systems, etc. The inspectors spend 2.5 hours a day minimum in the office for the purposes of:
  • Consulting with contractors as well as homeowners to answer questions
  • Researching and resolving code issues
  • Filing reports on inspection results
  • Answering phones
Building Inspectors
When in the field, the inspectors perform their inspections as well as addressing unlicensed and work not permitted, meeting contractors and/or homeowners at job sites prior to permitting, in some cases, to clarify the proposed work.