Hillsborough County Health Care Program

Hillsborough County provides residents living at or below the poverty level access to health care through the award-winning Hillsborough County Health Care Plan (HCHCP or Hillsborough Health Care.) Learn more about the program in the Hillsborough Health Care brochure and Hillsborough Health Care FAQs.

 Providing for Residents in Need:  When most of us feel an illness coming on, we simply visit our primary care physician or stop by a walk-in clinic. Unfortunately, there are many county residents who don’t have that option. Most working poor do not have the means to pay for health insurance and can't afford to seek health care until their medical problems become too severe to ignore. Often, that means a trip to the emergency room and sometimes a hospital stay.

 Preventative Treatment:   In many cases, the illnesses that send uninsured people to the emergency room are preventable. However, with no means to pay a doctor for routine checkups, their illness becomes an emergency. That's exactly the situation that Hillsborough HealthCare is working to change.

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